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Helicopter Joy Ride Itzehoe

What could be a better way of discovering Itzehoe than doing a private helicopter ride? This way of exploring a destination is getting more and more popular as it helps to visit a wider area over a shorter period of time. The emotion of flying and admiring the beautiful views from the chopper is something unforgettable. Enjoy the ride of a lifetime. Our helicopter sightseeing tour Itzehoe is one of the most exciting ways to admire the beauty of the landscape around Itzehoe. This private flight offers our guests the opportunity to see Itzehoe and the surroundings the whole new way from the blue sky. You can bring your loved one up in the air and get an eagle eye view of the city. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary a birthday or a marriage, taking children up in the air, this helicopter scenic flight Itzehoe is perfect for you. Our experienced crew and a safe aircraft are the perfect blend to make your joy ride in Itzehoe worth remembering. Our mobile application for iOS and Android devices, is a great tool to plan your joy ride by yourself and to get an immediate estimate of the cost. For example, to calculate cost of a 30 min. joy ride in Itzehoe, click on quotation, select one way flight and choose Itzehoe both as a place of departure and destination.

What To Expect

We offer convenient and comfortable helicopter sightseeing flights in Itzehoe. Our scenic flights are not shared with other passengers and are reserved exclusively for you and your guests. Helicopters in Germany are also available for corporate events and for charter. Please visit our Youtube Channel to discover many helicopter scenic flights videos.


September 30, 2023

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