January 18, 2020

How Much is a Private Helicopter Ride ?


Every day we receive many requests from customers who ask us for information on the cost of helicopter rental and want to understand what factors it depends on. We therefore decided to explain the primary factors on which the helicopter rental cost depends.

The factors that determine the helicopter charter cost are: 1) helicopter model: the selection of the most appropriate type of helicopter for the flight is crucial in order to plan the flight in a convenient and efficient way. The choice is made based on the number of passengers, baggage, schedules and personal preferences of the customer. 2) engine: typically twin engine helicopters are much more expensive than single engine helicopters. 3) positioning cost: in addition to the cost of the chosen trip, it will be necessary to add the cost to position the aircraft from its base to the departure point and the cost to return to the base from the arrival point. Hourly helicopter rental is calculated on an hourly basis and can vary greatly depending on the model chosen. If availability is requested throughout the day, a minimum cost of three hours is charged. 4) airport landing and handling charges: most airports collect landing and handling fees. 5) number of pilots: helicopter with two pilots are more expensive than helicopters with one pilot only. 6) passenger tax : in some countries there are taxes for each passenger. 7) waiting time: helicopter operators usually do not charge for waiting up to 2 hours, but if the waiting time is longer, costs are charged based on the type of aircraft, the number of pilots,the position of the helicopter. 8) overnight fee: The cost of accommodation, boarding and transportation costs for the crew if the aircraft cannot return to base at the end of the day. 9) transport of fuel: it may be necessary to transport the fuel by land if there is no possibility of refueling at the destination.

It is clear that, even knowing the helicopter charter cost per hour of the chosen helicopter model, there are so many factors to consider that the actual cost could be very different from what was estimated. It is therefore not possible to answer the question ,"How much does it cost to rent a helicopter ?", without knowing all the data about the itinerary, the number of passengers, the baggage and the flight times. We therefore decided to create an application that takes into account all these factors and can immediately give a fairly precise estimate of the cost of your helicopter rental.

helicopter appHelicopter Charter App For Android