Aircraft Management Service

When you buy an aircraft you are creating freedom for yourself. Time saving, independence and flexibility are the real benefits associated with the privilege of owning a private aircraft. However, to take advantage of your private aircraft, you need a professional aircraft management service. With our jet management services we ensure that your aircraft will comply with the highest safety and quality requirements, and we guarantee a transparent cost management and really competitive conditions.

Guaranteed Charter Revenue

Turn your aircraft's idle time into revenue for you by allowing it to become a part of our charter operations. Our charter specialists will professionally promote your aircraft to a wide charter client base.

Cost Saving

Receive cost savings on operational expenses such as FBO fees, jet fuel, aircraft maintenance and insurance, crew travel and training, international services.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our team operates under the most stringent procedures in private aviation. Your aircraft will be continuously monitored by specialized technicians, providing the best support to keep it airworthy.

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