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Air Ambulance Shunda

We provide assistance for medical flight service in Shunda (CES8/), Canada. At Shunda airfield, we can help you find air ambulance and heli ambulance for medical flights. An air ambulance is basically an aircraft that has been modified to enable medical assistance for a patient during the transfer. Medical evacuation, or medevac, is the transportation of sick patients via air. We can get completely equipped air ambulances, with professional medical staff on board, to guarantee a safe travel. To provide best care for patients, aircraft are fitted with intensive care equipment. If necessary, additional equipment can be installed. This adaptability ensures a fast journey with minimum waiting time. Air ambulances can be moved worldwide, enabling medical repatriation. Infact when an emergency happens abroad, repatriation by air ambulance is the best way of returning a loved one home for a medical treatment. Patients welfare is always a top priority. Please use our dedicated application to check aircraft availability and plan your medical flight in Shunda.

Choose The Right Aircraft

Select the perfect air ambulance in Shunda for your medical flight considering range, equipment and personal needs.

Air Ambulance Shunda
Heli Ambulance

Helicopter air ambulance. Useful for local transfers. Check max. range in the above map.

Medical Flight Shunda
Light Jet Air Ambulance

Light jet air ambulance. Range of this aircraft is around 2000 Km.

Medevac Shunda
Long Range Jet Air Ambulance

Long range jet air ambulance. Perfect for intercontinental and repatriation flights.

air ambulance covid

Is a Covid patient able to fly?

Because of the high danger of this virus, a patient with suspected Coronavirus isn't permitted to go on a commercial flight. Just an air emergency vehicle is appropriate in such cases. On board an air emergency vehicle, an experienced specialist cares for the patient, using hardware that is like the machines in a intensive care ward. Before planning the air ambulance flight, medical team checks the patient's situation and decides, at that point, if the patient is fit-to-fly. If medical team confirms that the patient can be moved, coronavirus air ambulance in Shunda can be organised through our local operators.