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Helicopter EC 120 Range Map Not Available For This Heliport

Helicopter Pouso Alegre

We operate in Pouso Alegre (SIMP/N/A), Brazil. At Pouso Alegre Marques Plaza Hotel Helipad, we offer a fleet of helicopters for business or leisure travel. All corporate and private flights at Marques Plaza Hotel Helipad in Pouso Alegre can be organized even on a short notice, using our iphone application. For general aviation passengers at Pouso Alegre Helipad, the check-in is really fast and easy, just show up 15 minutes before take-off. We are at your disposal if you require a quotation or more information about best flight options in Brazil. Our simulator is a great tool to plan your helicopter flight and to get an immediate estimate of the cost. You can also check visibility and local weather to verify that the flight is possible. The map shows single engine helicopter maximum range from Pouso Alegre helipad.

Choose The Perfect Flight Option For Your Mission.

Our team will help in selecting the perfect aircraft for your mission based on range, luggage capacity and personal choices.
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Helicopter Pouso Alegre Helipad
Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 is a three seats light helicopter produced by the Robinson Helicopter Company.

Helicopter Charter Pouso Alegre Heliport
Airbus EC 120 Colibri

Five seats, single engine, single main rotor, light helicopter designed by Eurocopter (now Airbus).

Helicopter Flight Pouso Alegre Helicopter Charter
AgustaWestland AW 109

A twin engine helicopter six seats multi purpose luxury helicopter built by AgustaWestland.

Alternate Helipads To Marques Plaza Hotel

Pouso Alegre (SDOH)

Cimed Helipad is located in Pouso Alegre.
Distance from Marques Plaza Hotel is 5.8 Km

Pouso Alegre (SDOH)

Cimed Helipad is located in Pouso Alegre.
Distance from Marques Plaza Hotel is 5.8 Km

Sao Goncalo Do Sapucai (SNSP)

Moinho Ii Helipad is located in Sao Goncalo Do Sapucai.
Distance from Marques Plaza Hotel is 43.1 Km

What To Expect

Fast, convenient and comfortable helicopter charter service in Pouso Alegre. Our helicopters in Brazil are also available for corporate and marketing events. We are regularly filming from helicopters, please visit our Youtube channel Helicopter Pouso Alegre to find very interesting videos.

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Helicopter Pouso Alegre

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November 15, 2018

Plan Your Helicopter Flight In Pouso Alegre With Our App

Have you heard? Our iphone app is out! With the app you can:

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  • ● Get instant flight cost estimate;
  • ● Choose the best helicopter for your mission;
  • ● Check specifications, performance and luggage capacity;
  • ● Find additional landing spots;
  • ● Check visibility and weather in Pouso Alegre.

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